Flotation machine operation method and operation process

December 31, 2021
Latest company news about Flotation machine operation method and operation process

The test run of the flotation machine should meet the following requirements: the tank is filled with clean water, and the continuous operation is not less than two hours, and the rotation is flexible without jamming; the temperature of the rolling bearing must not exceed 80 degrees Celsius; the belt must not be gnawed or slipped; the chain must not be gnawed. And abnormal noise. There must be no abnormal noise and vibration during gear rotation; all fasteners and connections must not be loose. Before proceeding with the operation of the flotation machine, a test run must be carried out first, and the above regulations must be checked one by one.

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The operation process of the flotation machine is as follows:
1. The equipment must be inspected in detail before driving. According to the requirements of the production process, check whether the closing conditions of the pipeline gates are correct, whether the water pipes and slurry pipes are unobstructed, the reducer, the fuel tank, and the oil quantity of each part should be sufficient, and the oil quality It must be good, the oil path is unobstructed, and the foam scraper is good. According to the nature of the ore, make reasonable preparations for adding the agent, and then turn the car one by one. mine.

2. After the drive is running normally, pay attention to maintaining the stability of the slurry surface, appropriately controlling the amount of foam scraping to ensure effective foam scraping, pay attention to preventing the blockage of the slurry pipeline, preventing the foam layer from turning over and running trough, and check the operation of the equipment frequently. condition. After the operation is over, it is to stop. During normal stop, the flotation machine must be kept unloaded. In order to avoid clogging of the mine pipe, first open the clean water pipe to drain the slurry, and then stop. If there is a sudden accident stop, there is no need to discharge the slurry in a short time, but the impact of the accident is longer, and the slurry in the tank should be discharged.

Friends should strictly abide by the relevant precautions for the operation of the flotation machine during the actual operation. Not only should the deviation be minimized during the installation process, but also the continuous and rigorous inspection before, during and after the operation, the correct flotation machine The operation can reduce the wear of the machine, prolong the life, and also improve the production efficiency.