Secondary PEX250x1200 jaw crusher introduction

May 18, 2021
Latest company news about Secondary PEX250x1200 jaw crusher introduction

Secondary PEX250x1200 fine jaw crusher introduction


250x1200 jaw crusher, referred to as 250x1200 crusher machine, is a relatively common type of fine crushing machine, the full name of the model "PEX-250x1200", more used for stone secondary crushing processing, efficient, convenient, durable, energy saving, etc. , has received the attention of users.
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The parameters of the 250x1200 jaw crusher are of great interest to the user, such as the feed port size, feed size, output, motor power, etc., which are directly related to whether the equipment can meet the production requirements.
Introduction of 250x1200 jaw crusher feed size and output
The name of the 250x1200 jaw crusher is simple and is directly based on the feed mouth size (250x1200mm). Of course, the feed size is set to this, it does not indicate that the material input size can reach 250mm. Generally, the rated feed size should be smaller than the feed size of the equipment. Otherwise, the stone can't get in, or it is easy to jam. Affects the normal operation of the equipment, so the feed size requirement of the equipment is ≤210mm.

The feeding granularity is certain, so the discharge opening size of the equipment is also basically determined, and the adjustment range is 25-60mm. In this interval, the user can freely adjust according to the needs, and the new wedge quick discharge opening adjustment scheme allows the discharge size control to be more controlled. Simple, safe and convenient, at the same time, the material is evenly distributed and the grain shape is more beautiful.

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In addition, the device's eccentric shaft speed is set to 330r / min, equipped with a 6P 37Kw power motor, the total weight of the body is 9.7t, the hourly output can reach 20t-61t.

Specification of PEX250x1200
Model Input mouth size
Max input size
Discharge mouth range
Eccentric shaft rotation speed
PEX-250×1200 250×1200 210 25-60 20-61 330 6P 37 9.7 2140×1660×1500

How does the 250x1200 jaw crusher increase production within effective capacity?
The basic parameters of the 250x1200 jaw crusher are briefly introduced above. Users who are interested can see that the output of the equipment is not a fixed value, but an interval value. Why? How can we make the equipment better in production with limited capacity? There are a few points that need to be noted here:

250x1200 jaw crusher operation site, environmentally friendly and efficient, more uniform discharge
1. Reasonable control of feed size
The feeding size of the crushed material is related to the output of the equipment, and the size is too large, which is easy to cause jamming, clogging, etc., affecting the operation and reducing the output.
2, the nature of the material itself
The hardness, water content, composition, etc. of the raw materials also affect the yield. The harder the hardness, the more difficult it is to break, the lower the yield; the higher the water content, the more viscous the raw material is, and the less likely it is to break; the more complex the composition, the lower the yield; on the contrary, there is a certain improvement.
3, finished product specifications
The discharge size has a certain range. If the finished product has a finer particle size, the crushing ability of the equipment will be relatively weakened, and the output will be reduced. Therefore, if there is no special requirement, it is generally broken into medium and fine crushed, which contributes to the improvement of the output.

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