How to Install and operate the double roller crusher

June 25, 2020
Latest company news about How to Install and operate the double roller crusher

Roller crusher istallation and operation manuel

latest company news about How to Install and operate the double roller crusher  0

1. Installation of the roller crusher:

Do not stack the roller crusher for a long time without ventilating and rusting. The roller crusher can be installed on the concrete foundation or installed on the floor of the building. In order to better withstand the uneven force generated by the machine during work, place the wooden strip under the underframe so that the whole machine is attached to the wooden strip, and the steel strip is welded at the seam, and the wooden strip is shovel lower at this position. The steel strip can be welded to the steel section at the weld seam of the steel plate. The number of wood strips and the general section can be found on the layout diagram of the roller crusher, and can also be selected according to the specific conditions of the installation.


2. Commissioning of the roller crusher:

(1) Check the relative position between the components, which should meet the requirements of the drawings;

(2) The roller crusher is operated for 4 hours without crushing any stone after assembly;

(3) During operation, the rotating parts such as V pulleys, gears, rollers, etc. shall be smooth and vibration-free, and the tooth surface of the tooth surface roller shall not be rubbed against the body, and there shall be no abnormal sound;

(4) The bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 300C, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 700C;

(5) After the air load test is passed, the load test is carried out, and the test run time can be carried out according to the system requirements.


3. Operation and maintenance of the roller crusher:

In order to ensure the maximum output of the roller crusher, the feeding must be continuously and evenly distributed over the entire length of the roller. Regularly check whether the discharging port is clogged, and stop the feeding before the motor stops working. When the material block is completely dropped, The motor can be stopped when the roller becomes idling.

If the feeding is uneven along the length of the roller, the roller surface not only wears faster, but also wears unevenly at each point, and an annular groove will appear, so that the normal crushing work is damaged, and the granularity of the crushed product is not uniform. Therefore, in addition to the roller crusher for coarse crushing, the medium and fine crushing roller crusher is usually provided with a feeder to ensure continuous and uniform feeding, and the length of the feeder is equal to the length of the roller, so that the feeding is made. Uniform along the length of the roller.


4. Reasonable maintenance and correct operation of the roller crusher can ensure long-term continuous work and reduce parking time. Only normal management and daily inspection of the working condition of the roller crusher can prevent malfunction and ensure continuous operation. To this end, the operator should pay attention to the following:

(1) Pay attention to the bolt fastening condition of each component. If it is loose, it should be tightened immediately;

(2) The roller crusher must be started before work. After the rotation speed is normal, feed the machine again. The program is reversed when parking.

(3) Check the discharge port regularly, and if there is any blockage, it should be cleared;

(4) Pay attention to the degree of wear of the wearable parts, and pay attention to the replacement of the worn parts at any time;

(5) The machine should not be overloaded, and the electrical instrument should be kept at all times;

(6) The bearing should be refueled in time, and there is no oil leakage in the bearing;

(7) The bearing temperature should be controlled, and the temperature rise should not be higher than the ambient air 25-300C;

(8) The plane of the undercarriage of the movable device should be removed from dust and other materials, so as to prevent the movable roller bearing from moving on the chassis when the roller crusher encounters materials that cannot be broken, and serious accidents occur.


5. Maintenance of the roller crusher:

(1) The roller crusher needs to be frequently repaired on the roller surface during operation.

(2) Glossy roller crusher sometimes has a grinding wheel on the frame. When the roller surface is ground or grooved, the roller surface can be ground and repaired without removing the roller surface.

(3) The tooth plate or ring gear of the tooth facing roller crusher can be used for replacement or turning.

(4) When the teeth are worn to a certain extent, they must be replaced or repaired, otherwise the granularity of the broken product will be uneven, the power consumption will increase, and the production volume will decrease.

(5) Some roller crushers are also equipped with a surfacing device, which can be directly repaired on the roller crusher machine.

(6) Some smooth roller crushers are equipped with automatic axial reciprocating movement of the rollers to make the roller surface wear evenly.

(7) After the roll surface is worn, the width of the discharge opening is increased, and the movable roller needs to be adjusted (the single roll crusher adjusts the seesaw). Care should be taken to keep the two rollers parallel to each other to prevent skewing.

(8) Roller crusher with sliding bearing, pay attention to the gap of the roller bearing.

(9) The top clearance between the roller bush and the journal is usually 1/1000-1.5/1000 of the journal diameter, and the side clearance of the bush is 1/2-1/3 of the top clearance.